Lockdown 2021 – Day 1

Well here we are on the first morning of lockdown 2021. I think I am one of the few who are really excited for this, so I want to tell you why and hopefully you will perhaps be able to start finding some positives to.

I am a workaholic, I love it, fact. During last Springs lockdown I got a job at a warehouse to keep funds alive whilst waiting for my self assessment income support grant. It was great, a busy job, that I enjoyed and had fun doing. But I did feel that I missed out. Why? Because all my friends where spending time with their families, getting their houses together, getting fitter, honing their nail skills, pushing themselves further and I missed out. That was ok, as I needed the money, so it was the right thing to do, so I am still happy with that decision.

But this time it’s all about what I want to do, so heres my points I’m looking forward to:

Spending time with my family

So here it is, I’m going to have to learn patience. Clients always comment on how patient I am, which is true about nails, but when it comes to my family, for some reason I have next to none. This means there is massive room for me to grow and be a better mum whilst trying to teach my daughter. Plus no driving to and from school means more time to spend with the family, more time to play games.

Healthy lifestyle

Any one who’s met me knows that my diet is less then ideal. I am a sugar and carb junkie. During my time at the warehouse I was drinking around 10-15 hot chocolates every day, some times even more. Well lets face it, it was free and the rule was every time a manager came back to the podium I was working on they would bring me a hot chocolate. But these weren’t just normal hot chocolates, no, these were 3 in one large scrum sugary hot chocolates. YUMMY! So you can see how the pounds piled on. So this time around, I am hoping to stay home and focus on a healthier lifestyle. Currently my daughter (8) can make salad and toast. So I’m going to expand my cooking skills and hers by picking out menus together each day and cooking some hopefully tasty meals for us to enjoy together.


Well being in work at 6am was not conducive to exercise, and with all those hot chocolates I was scuppered. But this time I had hoped to join a gym on a 6 week intensive course, ok it hasn’t happed because of lock down, but the gym are running online zoom sessions every day. So shout out to C&S fitness I shall be joining them daily with my daughter to do an hour of exercise in doors and hopefully the family will get our 1 daily dose of exercise outside later in the afternoon. So thats at least 2 hours of exercise every day, plus doing it with my family, plus the above time for healthy eating. I mean seriously, there is no better time to try and get into a healthy lifestyle.


So this is where it gets interesting, last time I watched every one improve so much, I really want to push myself. As my DD is 8 she is able to work on her own, once set a task which makes my life easier. So my nail schedule should include:

1 x nail artitech course – these are courses I am offering for fellow techs, mostly focusing on the art side. This month though its about creating great application and getting that great finish, for just £20.

1 x nail artitech course – this one is the slightly harder course focusing on product application and structures, a real skill pusher. These courses will be £50 each month, however this month I will be offering it at a discount of £25 and we are covering the square shape

1 x youtube easy art tutorial – this is a totally new thing to me, but one which is going to be fun. If you are looking for fun, simple and free these are for you. Check out “The Nail Architect UK” on You tube

1 x improving my skills – although doing all the above will undoubtedly improve my skills and make me quicker, I am on the hunt for improving my skills and working towards competitions, this will probably be time after my DD has gone to bed.

1 x working on my business – this was the biggest one I let down last year, I completely neglected last year so need to stay prominent on social media and keeping a blog seems a great place to start.

With the above in mind I shall be scrolling all the social media platforms and hopefully bring you a run down on what free courses there are coming up. So stay tuned.

So all in all so many things I am looking forward to for lockdown 2021.

We can all take control of our lives in lock down all be it whilst being controlled, but make the most of it, find at least one positive and goal and focus on that as your positive.

We’re in this together and we’ve got this. Come on over to the “Nail Art & Architecture” group on facebook for more information.

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