The Nail Architect Goals for 2021

So I love New Years and Mondays? Why you ask, well because it feels like I have the ability to change my life. If you’ve read my last blog you will know that I feel there has been some great positives in the last year. This has hopefully given me a great basis to go into 2021 with glitter and gusto. My quick aims are below, with a bit more information further on to explain them.

  1. Enter more nail competitions
  2. Helping other techs stay motivated and improve their skills
  3. Expand my business in Bridgwater and get my new room perfect
  4. Improve my social media following
  5. Add to my skills and keep learning as much as I can

1. Competitions

Well this is a resolution that I love. I am a very competitive soul and always have been. But this doesn’t mean I compete against those around me, we all have different strengths and weaknesses, I compete against myself. I enter the competitions not with a view of winning, obviously that would be great, but my aim is to just improve upon my score. It doesn’t matter if I come last as long as I learn and can improve for next time. I came last in my first ever competition in gel polish, listened, learned, practiced and 3 tries later I achieved my first 1st place.

I have never entered the Nailypics, it seems something is always conspiring against me at the beginning of October so I’ve managed to enter. This year however its online and I’m going to give it a go. Fingers crossed.

The other one I really want to “nail” is the Scratch Star Awards. Ive entered this one 4 times previously to no avail, but I really want to add this to my trophy collection, so Scratch if your reading this, I’m giving it my best shot this year.

2. Helping Techs

I’ve been qualified as an educator for 3 years now, as yet I don’t feel I’ve pushed myself in to this area much. I trainined to be one of the IKON.IQ educators in October 2019 but again due to the pandemic have just not made full use of this, so watch the social media for more details on this one, or PM for further details.

I really enjoyed the Christmas Nail Art course I ran in November and this has given me the bug to offer training that’s more accessible for nail techs. With this in mind I have developed “The Nail Artitech” and “The Nail Architect” which offer both structure and design aspects for nail techs. These will help build confidence, skills and pictures for fellow nail techs to keep their social media inspired and beautiful.

3. Expand my business

This is a very vague heading but what I mean in this instance is trying to focus on clients in just one area. Previously working in the salon in Castle Cary, at my home in Bridgwater and then mobile as well it was hard to market in three different areas. So now I can really focus on building my nail business in Bridgwater whilst emphasising my new long nail niche in the area, plus the extra time will also mean I can teach more.

4. Social Media

For me this is one I really struggle with. Social media is a full time job and one which I simply have never been massively interested in. During the first lockdown I neglected it completely and I am now suffering the consequences, so have to work doubly hard. I am going to try and change my mindset on this one and want to get my instagram following up to 10,000. This is a massive goal as I currently only have 124. But I’m aiming high. Im also going to hopefully try youtube and TikTok, which are currently 0, so watch this space ha ha.

5. Improving My Skills

I feel I didn’t really work on my technical skills during 2020 so really want to improve this for 2021. The main areas I want to work on are one stroke, pink and white competition nails, and a few other art techniques.

So I feel there is a massive amount to be working on here, so fingers crossed I will get through it all and watch this space to see how I get on in 2021. Have you got any goals for 2021, please comment and share them below. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy New Year to you all ๐Ÿ™‚

Colour in the spotlight plan

Hi everyone.

I will soon be starting my colour in the spotlight series, which will focus on one Gelish colour each week.

You will find the following covered and will hopefully be really useful for a lot of people:

  • colour description
  • application
  • pictures in different lighting so you can see how the colour changes
  • pictures after one week to assess fading
  • colour comparisons
  • and art design/s

I dont have the vastest range of colours so would really appreciate you guys getting involved with what colours you think are similar and if you want to send me a swatch even better. You can even share your favourite art designs using the colour.

I hope you find this blog helpful, ย lets help and inspire each other. The first colour will be Tan my hide on Saturday 29th August 2015.

*This blog is my personal opinions and pictures and is not endorsed by Nail Harmony UK or Gelish.


Hi all, I’m so excited to have my new website up and running. I will be getting all the gallery images up soon, but in the mean time please feel free to browse my Facebook, instagram, twitter or pinterest accounts. Simply search ElysiasHarmony. I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.