Colour in the spotlight plan

Hi everyone.

I will soon be starting my colour in the spotlight series, which will focus on one Gelish colour each week.

You will find the following covered and will hopefully be really useful for a lot of people:

  • colour description
  • application
  • pictures in different lighting so you can see how the colour changes
  • pictures after one week to assess fading
  • colour comparisons
  • and art design/s

I dont have the vastest range of colours so would really appreciate you guys getting involved with what colours you think are similar and if you want to send me a swatch even better. You can even share your favourite art designs using the colour.

I hope you find this blog helpful,  lets help and inspire each other. The first colour will be Tan my hide on Saturday 29th August 2015.

*This blog is my personal opinions and pictures and is not endorsed by Nail Harmony UK or Gelish.

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