Gelish After Hours Collection

Hi all. Here are my swatches of the latest Gelish autumn collection from Nail Harmony UK. There hasn’t been much lead up, pictures or content about this one so I hope you find this helpful when deciding colour choices. You will find the colours in different  lights (indoors, LED and outdoors) so you can get a truer reflection of the colour and there are no editing effects or smoothing, just my nails painted with the legitimate colours.  As this is the first of such posts I am doing please let me know if there is anything else you think I have missed in my initial quick review.

Sweater weather – 2 coats

Nail Harmony UK consider this to be a mellow charcoal grey. To me it is a cream mid to dark grey with a slight purple tone. It had a good application in just two coats.

Sweater Weather - Lighting Variance

Rhythm and Blues – 2 coats

A beautiful denim metallic blue completely different from any other Gelish colour. It had a great application in just two coats.

Rhythm & Blues - Lighting Variance

A Little Naughty – 3 coats

This is a on the darker side of a red / brown. It had a good application in 3 coats. *Nail Harmony have now updated their website and actually class it as a purple, so think it girl with a mortared / brown tone.

A Little Naughty - Lighting Variance

Last Call – 2 coats

This colour is awesome. It’s a copper / pink metallic and applies beautifully in 2 coats. If your you or your clients are a fan of oh what a knight this one is definitely for you.

Last Call - Lighting Variance

Give Me Gold – 2 coats

Another beautiful metallic gold which is quite light and fantastic to apply in just 2 coats.

Give Me Gold - Lighting Variance

A-Lister – 2 coats

Another silver following the success of chain reaction from the urban cowgirl collection. It’s not quite as good a consistency so instead of 1/2 coats this one is a 2/3 coats. Personally though I much prefer this colour it is a light bright metallic silver.

A Lister - Lighting Variance

Colour Comparisons

Copper and gold comparisons

Deep Red Comparisons

Silver Comparisons


I don’t have many greys at the moment so this is a picture I took at the recent Nail Harmony South West Road Show.

Grey Comparisons

I am so pleased with this collection, its offered me many new colours, I can’t but help think that I would have liked 6 metallic colours perhaps a green and a maybe a purple, but all in all I love this collection especially with the application and consistency  its great value for money. And if you grab it now then you actually get one polish free. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments below.