Urban Cowgirl Collection Review

Hi everyone. Here are my swatches of the Gelish autumn collection from Nail Harmony UK. With this collection I have completed all the “colour in the spotlight” blogs so I should be able to give you some really useful information. You will find the colours in different  lights so you can get a truer reflection of the colour and there is no editing effects or smoothing, just my nails painted with the legitimate colours.  Let me know if there’s anything else you want to know or see.

The Urban Cowgirl collection consists of 6 core colours and 2 trends. It was launched in the UK on the 4th August 2015 with singles released on the 29th August 2015.

Tan My Hide – 3 coats

A light tan with pink tones in a crème consistency and a subtle shimmer. As it’s a crème consistency it applied a little more thickly so make sure it’s nice and warm when applying. I had no problem with shrinkage or sliding. There has been some mention of fading but personally I didn’t have a problem. This is my favourite colour of the collection and a definite must for your collection due to the unique colour.

Tan my hide - light variance

Holy cowgirl – 2 coats

This sage green crème has a beautiful subtle gold shimmer and grey tone, it’s another brand new colour to Gelish and I love it for autumn. The application was perfect and I have absolutely no complaints about this colour at all.

Holy Cowgirl - lighting variance

From Rodeo to Rodeo Drive – 2/3

This a creme taupe has quite a grey tinge with a hint of purple to, along with a subtle silver shimmer to it.  This is the only core colour in the collection with no matching Morgan Taylor polish.

Personally I didn’t experience any problems with removal or fading with this colour but some people have suffered with fading. There is also a possible batch problem with it causing it to lift and peel after only a few days. If you do think you have one of these bottles then contact nail harmony.

Rodeo Drive - Lighting

Pumps or Cowboy Boots – 3 coats

This is a black brown crème colour with burgundy / red tones. It has a smooth application but it is really highly pigmented so thin colours are a must and make sure you dry brush otherwise it can run. It is similar to black cherry berry and love me like a vamp but I don’t have either of these.

Pumps or cowgirl boots - lightring

Plum Tuckered Out – 2 coats

I love this colour, a dark purple crème which can look almost black but outside you can see it’s true plum colour. It’s so smooth and creamy, not to thick and not to thin, Gelish nailed this one. Diva is very similar but with the perfect consistency and application this one will make your life so much easier.

Plum tuckered out - lighting

Texas Me Later – 2 coats

A coppery pink with a frost finish, it’s smooth and fluid so easy to apply. There aren’t any similar Gelish colours so a nice addition.

Texas Me Later - Lighting

Trends – neither of these are “toppers” but colours in them selves.

Seal the Deal – 2/3 coats

A dark burgundy which nail harmony portrays to have pink and purple flecks in. It does have them but I would say when it’s on you notice more orange, gold and red flecks. Unless in a very specific light, which wasn’t that often. Out if all of the collection I had the most compliments about this one. The application was good but make sure it’s not too thin. If you like who’s cider you on you will love this one.

Seal the deal - Lighting

Chain Reaction – 1/2 coats

A pewter silver, so on the mid to dark side of what we have seen before. It has a frost finish and a great application so is perfect for art as well. So if you are looking for value for money this is the silver for you.

Chain Reaction - Lighting

Colour comparisons

Tan My Hide - Comparison

Rodeo - Comparison

Texas - Comparison

Seal the deal - Comparison

Rodeo - Comparison

Pumps or cowgirl - Comparison

Holy Cowgirl - Comparison

Plumb tuckered out- Comparison


I love this collection, with good applications and several really new colours it’s a great buy.

Colour in the spotlight – from rodeo to Rodeo Drive

Name: From Rodeo to Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive - Main Pic

Collection & UK launch date: Urban Cowgirl, 4th August 2015 (singles 29th August 2015)

Description & personal opinion: this is a Crème taupe. Personally I think it’s more grey with tones of purple and taupe. It has a beautiful subtle silver shimmer to it.

Matching nail polish: No, alas this particular colour has been replaced by Morgan Taylor with a touch of sass, a dark red crème, UK release 1st September 2015.

Viscosity: crème base so can run quite thick in the cold, I didn’t have any issues with this though.

Application: 2/3 coats with no shrinkage or running. As this is a crème colour, if you are in a cold salon you might wish to warm the bottle before application to keep the polish thin for easy application. You can do this by standing it on a warm wheat bag, placing in a bowl of warm water or any other method you prefer.

Rodeo Drive - Application

Lighting variance:

Rodeo Drive - Lighting

Sparkles & Trends:

Rodeo Drive - T&S

Top: lots of dots, escargo to Paris, June bride, grand jewels

Bottom: am I making you Gelish? Vegas nights, izzy whizzy and rough round the edges.

Longevity: no problems

Fading: I didn’t notice any fading, that being said I think in all 3 lights it looks lighter.

Rodeo Drive - Fading

Removal: 8 minutes of soak off and no problem.

Similar colours: I don’t have a similar colour to this in my Gelish collection. I really couldn’t find a similar colour to this one any where so no comparison to show.

Artwork: all the colours used are from the Urban Cowgirl collection and the glitters are from the nail space.

Rodeo Drive - Art 1

Rodeo Drive - Art 5

Rodeo Drive - Art 4

Rodeo Drive - Art 3

Rodeo Drive - Art 2

My verdict: a new colour with good application and so a good addition to your collection. Personally this is not a colour I would ever choose myself but actually I’ve quite enjoyed this colour, a lovely autumn shade.

Next week: pumps or cowboy boots