Colour in the spotlight – chain reaction

Chain Reaction - Main

Name: Chain Reaction

Collection & UK launch date: Urban Cowgirl, 4th August 2015 (singles 29th August 2015)

Description & personal opinion: this is a pewter silver so a nice mid silver with a frost finish.

Matching nail polish: yes Morgan Taylor chain reaction

Viscosity: a thicker frost

Application: great, you can almost get away with one coat, obviously I wouldn’t recommend this. As it’s a frostish finish try keeping your strokes straight when applying.

Chain Reaction - Application

Lighting variance: (indoors, LEF, outdoors)

Chain Reaction - Lighting

Sparkles & trends: as this is a trend I didn’t do sparkles or glitter over the top.

Longevity: no problems

Fading: none

Chain Reaction - Fading

Removal: no problems – quite quick as you don’t need many coats.

Similar colours: there are lots of Gelish silvers available, especially bringing out 3 in as many collections. This one is a good middle ground.

Chain Reaction - Comparisons


Chain Reaction - Art 1

Chain Reaction - Art 2

The snake skin effect will not work with this dense colour, obviously you can use it as the base though.

My verdict: this colour has fantastic application even in one coat, so makes it ideal for art work. I have to confess although not a colour I would wear every day, I did catch myself driving and thinking ‘oooh what an awesome colour’. So if you are looking for a silver that’s value for money and to use for art this is the one for you.

Next week: seal the deal