Colour in the spotlight – seal the deal

Name: Seal The Deal

Collection & UK launch date: Urban Cowgirl, 4th August 2015 (singles 29th August 2015)

Description & personal opinion: a dark burgundy which nail harmony portrays to have pink and purple flecks in. It does have them but id say when it’s on you notice more orange, gold and red flecks. Unless in a very specific light, wasn’t that often. That being said I had lots of compliments about this colour and it is beautiful. It reminds me of embers burning out from a bonfire.

Matching nail polish: yes seal the deal by Morgan Taylor.

Viscosity: shimmer

Application: I would say a 3 coaster for a good application but you could get away with 2. Other then that nice to apply and a good consistency. Don’t make the costs to thin with this one.

Seal the deal - Application

Lighting variance: (indoors, LED, outdoors)

Seal the deal - Lighting

Sparkles & trends: as this is a trend I didn’t do sparkles or glitter over the top.

Longevity: no problems

Fading: none

Seal the deal - Fading

Removal: no problems

Similar colours: to me I think it’s the step between berry merry holidays and whose cider you on, so if you already have these you could probably spend your money elsewhere. However personally I love this colour as it has the different colour flecks in it.

Seal the deal - comparisons


Seal the deal - Art 2

Seal the deal - Art 1

My verdict: nice colour and application, I’m glad I brought it.

Next week: meet the king.

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